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Application and Enrolment

Many of our courses are geared toward beginners and no prior knowledge of a subject is required. If a course has suggested pre-requisites, they are shown on the individual course details page.

Our courses attract students with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, so we make sure to have instructional experts, forum discussions, and additional help available as needed to provide personalised feedback and support.

All iLearn@UoM courses require:

You will need to have your own computer (either a laptop or desktop) or access to a computer whilst at work to complete your learning activities.

You’ll also need access to high-speed internet (wired Ethernet connection is strongly recommended) and a dedicated, quiet workspace where you feel comfortable focusing, preferably in a private room.

Absolutely, iLearn@UoM is dedicated to helping employers upskill their teams.

Whether you’re a non-profit, small enterprise or a global corporation, our business solutions team offers training experiences for groups of any size.

Please contact us here for more information.

Billing and Payment Options

Payment should be made via credit card directly to the University of Mauritius– all you need to do is follow the prompts when you enrol in a course.

A learner can request a full refund up to two days after a course commences.

Learners requesting a refund after the two-day limit will need to apply for special consideration in writing, with a decision to be made by contacting the learner support team iLearn@UoM.

Requests for refunds are to be made through the email.

All courses and bundles purchased at a discount rate will be refunded at the discounted rate.

Students will be liable for any additional charges during the refund.

Absolutely, iLearn@UoM is dedicated to helping employers upskill their teams.

Please contact us here for more information.

Study Outcomes

After completing an iLearn@UoM course, you will normally earn a UoM Attendance Certificate. You may also earn credits for certain courses subject to approval of the UoM Senate.

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